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You already have a sense of what you can handle from a foreign language, but do you now have the feeling that progress is coming more slowly and that it's increasingly more and more difficult to find storage space in your personal “software“? Would you like to "chat" with someone in a foreign language for a while? Do you see that one language lesson a week is not enough for you and that you would like to return to a specific topic several times? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have a new concept of learning for you - © Štvrtinku.

© Rapidka is a unique way of online conversation, especially suitable for individual students who have already mastered the basics of a foreign language. With the © Rapidka concept, 15 minutes will be enough for you - essentially small and regular doses = big effect. And the best part is that you save time and money.

Who is ©Rapidka suitable for?

  •  for those who have time for a regular course once a week, but would still like to "chat" a bit more
  • for those who do not want to forget the language they have learned, and who want to improve their communication skills

How does it work?

  • those who already have lessons with us can add any number of ©Štvrtiniek per week
  • those , for whom this short format is enough,can choose the concept of three ©Štvrtiniek per week (which means 3 x 15 minutes)

With our assistant, you will specify the exact start of the course in the first week, you may also suggest conversational topics (later you can modify the schedule directly with the teacher). At the agreed upon time, you will connect online with the teacher and spend an intense quarter hour of conversation focused on your needs. After 15 minutes, you disconnect and can continue your normal daily routine.

We offer the product © Rapidka Rapidka for all languages and we are launching it as a new tool for learning as of April 19, 2021.
The price for one 15-minute individual lesson with a Slovak teacher is € 4.90
The price for a quarter of an hour with a native speaker is € 5.70.

We can provide more information at:
0917 920 556
skype: SkypersPN.


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