Why SKYPERS Language School?

About us

Many of you have already tried a language course – and very often with little or no effect. We have some advice for you: Don't throw your money away on amateurs with an unprofessional approach and sub-par conditions. We know that people learn languages most quickly when put into a situation where their mother language doesn't help. We try to replicate these conditions, which has allowed us to achieve excellent results. Our VIP and VIP 2 courses, which we “tailor-make” just for you, are the most effective.

We are a language school based in Piešťany, but thanks to the increasing popularity of online teaching, we now reach far beyond the borders of the region. The term “family” can best be used to describe our school. Our goal is not to grow as big as a dinosaur, but to build quality. This is reflected in the style of our work: Joy, educational games and activities, training of practical skills, and building friendships. We offer courses in English, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Of course, we also offer Slovak courses for foreigners. Upon request, we can also arrange a course in a Nordic language or Chinese.




Small groups

If you like having company then you can study in a small group of 3-6 people. On rare occasions we'll have larger groups, but these are for specially-priced (usually cheaper) courses.


Individual courses

In case you need to progress faster, we recommend an individual course - VIP (only you and the teacher) or VIP 2 (you, plus your friend / partner and the teacher). You decide for yourself how long the lessons should be and how often you will attend.


Student motivation

The sheer quantity of different textbooks only helps to confuse potential students. Which one should you use? Which one is best for you? The answer is simple: the best book and method is the one that you like and comes closest to meeting your expectations. We will help you choose the right course, test you and find a textbook that will meet your expectations. We consider properly motivating students to be the most important part of teaching. Because we know how to stimulate and encourage your motivation, we are not afraid to say that we can teach even the biggest slackers.

Do you have questions?

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