General public courses

Courses for the public are intended for everyone who wants to continue their education in addition to their current school or job. Courses are organized either in groups of 3 - 6 students, or in the so-called VIP program (max two students). We are convinced, and our many years of experience as well as the reactions of students only confirm, that in small groups, each participant has enough opportunity to work on their development.

The best investment you can make is in education. With this in mind, we have recently launched the sale of gift vouchers for language courses. These coupons have since become one of our most popular products and a highly sought-after birthday or Christmas gift. They apply to all the languages we currently offer. You can get more information at or by phone at 0917 920 556.

General group courses

The groups have a fixed one-week program and the basic course lasts three trimesters (nine months), which students pay for one trimester (three months) at a time. The length of the lesson is 2 x 45 min. This method has proved particularly useful for people who are busy at work or otherwise and cannot attend a language course more than once a week. We teach group courses for the following languages:


Individual courses – VIP 1 and VIP 2

In the event you would like to take a one-to-one course (one student, one teacher), or you are only two (partners, co-workers, etc.), you can use our VIP program. We guarantee that the teacher will focus only on you and that no other students will be included in your mini-group.

In the VIP program, students pay for a course monthly, and the course does not have to have a precise schedule, as the number and frequency of lessons are determined by the participants themselves. In the case of an individual course, we try to adapt it to your requirements - time, frequency, length of the lesson, length of the course and, of course, its content.

In SKYPERS language school offers individual courses in all world languages. You can choose from the following:

Language course levels we offer

Rapidka - 15 minutes of online conversation

Rapidka is a unique way of online conversation, especially suitable for individual students who have already mastered the basics of a foreign language. With the Rapidka concept, 15 minutes will be enough for you - essentially small and regular doses = big effect. And the best part is that you save time and money.

Language course levels we offer

Group courses for school-aged children

These group courses (English or German) are also held in small groups 3 – 6 students. The lesson takes place once a week for 45 minutes.
The basic course lasts one trimester (12 weeks).

What do we offer besides professionalism?

English and other languages for graduating secondary school students

The expertise of our teachers is a guarantee that we know what is necessary to successfully pass the final school-leaving examination. Additional proof is also the dozens of high school students, whom we have helped to navigate through the pitfalls of the final high school exam, including those who had fallen behind and failed to keep up with the school curriculum.

We don't just focus on English. We can prepare you for preparation for the graduation exam (or entrance interview) in the following languages: