Thematic courses

Get ready for quality! In addition to our classic courses with a more general focus designed for the public and for companies, we have come up with something new: language packages for specific professions.

For the initial launch of these packages, we have selected the most frequent specializations and professions based on your requests. So in our packages you will find English in business,English in gastronomy a German in healthcare (especially suitable for nurses).

We spent several months preparing these packages based on the comments and requests of our students. We have put all of our hearts and knowledge into these specifically selected packages so that they have the highest possible practical benefit for the graduates. Click on the individual packages to find out more.


Courses offered

English in business

An extremely handy ten-hour package with practically oriented lessons designed for business executives, managers or anyone who wants to know the world of business, which is ruled by English. Before starting the course, you and the teacher will decide at which level you want to study business English. Higher levels can be taught by a native English speaker. With an individual approach, we will further ensure that you achieve obvious progress. The course is designed especially for individual students and pairs. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion.

As part of the course you will learn, among other things, how to:

– introduce yourself and your business

– clearly express yourself in situations such as business meetings or job interviews

– write work emails

– make work calls, etc.

– you will also acquire vocabulary regarding business models, branding and the like


  • Course level A2-B2
  • Length of the course 10 x 60 minutes
  • Price
  • Price for one-to-one: 169,- € / student
  • Price for pairs: 89,- € / student
  • 3-6 people 69,- € / student

English in gastronomy

Whether you work in the gastronomy industry in Slovakia or you are going to try your luck abroad, your language skills will rise to a professional level further enhanced by knowing the right expressions and phrases to use in English. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you will prepare for various situations in a restaurant or bar, making an impression with your vocabulary. With an individual approach, we will ensure that you make obvious progress. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion.
After graduating the course you will be able to:

– welcome customers

– offer them drinks, food, desserts

– use and understand a sommelier's vocabulary

– deal with complaints

– use polite phrases

– identify and use the names of foods, drinks, tableware and place settings


  • Course level B1
  • Number of hours 15
  • Length of lessons
  • VIP 1 and VIP2 60 minutes
  • 3-6 people 90 minutes
  • Price
  • Price for one-to-one: 249,- € / student
  • Price for pairs: 139,- € / student
  • 3-6 people 129,- € / student

German in healthcare

Are you thinking about a career abroad? Our qualified teachers will prepare you for work in the healthcare industry in German-speaking countries. The scope of the course is sufficiently comprehensive and you will use its content in everyday practice. With an individual approach and intensive frequency, we will ensure that you make obvious progress. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion.

During the course you will acquire vocabulary pertaining to:

– anatomy of the human body

– health problems and diseases

– treatment of diseases

– diagnostic equipment and examinations

– prophylaxis

As part of your practical skills you will gain the ability to:

– communicate with patients

– communicate with medical staff

– manage phone calls and write emails

– understand and manage medical records

  • Course level: B1
  • Length of course: 17
  • Length of lesson: 60 minutes
  • Price for one-to-one: 269,- € / student
  • Price for pairs: 139,- € / student
  • Price of a group course (3-6 people): 99,- € / student